Programmatic Priorities


Develop the Office of Training and Development to be the project team lead on the centralization of all training, new and updated courses and workshops for eLearning modules and the advanced leadership program: Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL). This department will create expanded learning opportunities in the form of free, on-demand training (MIP Certification excluded) as well as provide updated instructional design for the ZOL program.

Operations & Infrastructure

Focus on technology and innovation for common sense programmatic and administrative solutions for all members. 


  • Work toward digitization of all forms and tool kits.
  • Develop the 1920 Marketplace in partnership with IHQ to activate a robust Zeta e-commerce boutique business to sell a wide variety of membership materials, apparel, jewelry and accessories online as both an added stream of income to the sorority and as a service to members. 
  • Facilitate the redesign of a more dynamic and functional International website to include:
  • Digital chapter and asset locator for Zeta chapters across the country
  • F.I.N.E.R. (Functional Internal Network to Engage Resources) Members Only Portal, a robust password protected digital community where sorors can ask questions and get problems solved. 

Marketing & Communications

Explore the feasibility of an in-house, paid Marketing and Communications professional to be responsible for developing all internal and external marketing communication infrastructure and email messages to members and the press.

Strategic Planning

Create a collaborative, thorough and inclusive strategic planning document in the first 90 days of the administration where members can contribute ideas and join listening calls. The Strategic Plan will inform prioritization of service focus areas, partnerships, memberships and alliances to advance the cause of Zeta. 

Data Collection

It is imperative that Zeta understands itself. Surveys, polls and other data collection mechanisms allow us to leverage our membership for resources from potential donors, but also will inform how the administration can best serve its members and offer a greater return on your investment.

Reprioritize Programming

Mobilize Zeta around urgent social/political issues affecting people of color including:

  • Voting Rights
  • Police Reform initiative
  • Health & Healthy Living

In addition to current programs such as Zeta Prematurity Awareness, Zetas Have Heart and Mental Health Awareness, we will expand the health and healthy living initiatives to include physical fitness and self care and a focus on health disparities among Black women, including reproductive health and fertility.

Partnerships, Memberships & Alliances

Re-evaluate partnerships, memberships and alliances to determine feasibility, longevity and alignment with Zeta’s strategic plan. Determine how those partnerships can be leveraged programatically and financially and for the benefit of individual members.

Rituals & Observances

Address standardization, efficiency and standard of care with all non-MIP-related rituals and national observances.

Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People Excel through Mind, Body and Spirit Reboot

Update the programmatic manual to reflect contemporary programming and updated incentivization and reporting system.

Stork’s Nest Re-imagined

Leverage the MOD partnership to explore expanded educational options related to fertility and other pre-pregnancy planning.

Women Who Win

Women-owned businesses is among the largest growth industry in the business sector. Unfortunately, businesses owned by women, particularly women of color are disproportionately underfunded and under supported. As the CEO of a small business, small business support is a passion project of Soror Grant. This will be her signature programmatic initiative.


Appoint a director of Sorority Life and Culture to liaise between the membership and administrative bodies to help manifest the common values, spirit and behavior norms of the sorority community in pursuing and developing Brand Zeta.


Honoring the Five Pearls in everything we do by creating a culture of respect, sisterly love, accountability and support. As Zeta moves forward to a more extraordinary tomorrow, honoring the past leadership for contributions and honoring our elders – our DOVES – and Life Members for their tireless commitment to the sisterhood through expanded incentivization of Life Members and sorors who have maintained uninterrupted service to the sisterhood.